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House Cleaning Should Be Done In Fall When The Pollen Count Has Lowered

Many people get the sudden urge to do spring cleaning in their houses once the winter weather has let up.  All major clean up tasks that were put off because of poor weather and freezing temperatures suddenly become top of the priority list.

Spring cleaning became a trend when houses were shut up and the only means to warm up was by lighting up the fireplace.  As cosy as that sounds; over the winter months, houses would be filled with soot that fell from the chimney so everything had to be swept, beaten and cleaned outdoors.

Even though technology has come a long way and we no longer depend on open fires to warm up, spring cleaning is very much a trend.  Because the sun is warmer we tend to open up our houses by opening the windows and doors to let the fresh spring air inside while we do the house cleaning.

However by doing this we let into our houses all kinds of allergens such as dust and if you haven’t guessed it by now…pollen!

If you suffer from hay fever it is bad enough to go outside everyday, the last thing you want to do is invite pollen into your house to sit on the furniture and carpets.  It’s also counter productive if you’re caring out the spring cleaning.

Autumn is the best time for a deep domestic cleaning service.  It’s not too cold or too warm and the pollen count is definitely down during these months.  Better still, you will have the place neat and tidy, ready for the coming Christmas Season where no doubt you will be receiving lots of visits from friends and family.

Of course, keeping the house clean is good practice all year around.  But if you live a hectic lifestyle you could hand the home cleaning duties to domestic cleaning agencies London.

They can provide professional cleaners in London to perform daily or weekly cleaning or that one off cleaning service at affordable domestic cleaning rates.

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