Increasing household appliance usage creating more housework for Brits

Household Appliance Usage

Brits currently own more household appliances than ever before, even when taking the appliance boom of the 1950s into account, new figures show.

Appliances Direct published a report last month that revealed the typical UK adult uses 9.5 electrical appliances each day, although 78 per cent of people think they use five or fewer, demonstrating just how commonplace reliance on this equipment has become – so much so that some don’t even realise they are using them anymore.

The survey led to the discovery that the television is the appliance that people use the most, followed by the kettle and the microwave. Toasters and coffee machines completed the top five, with the top ten also featuring several appliances designed to make housework easier, including the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine.

Appliances related to health and beauty also ranked highly on the list, with juicers and smoothie makers coming in eighth place and hair appliances taking the ninth spot.

Many appliances are only used occasionally, however, such as bread makers, air conditioning and tumble dryers, which suggests that there are areas where householders could cut down on the amount of money they are spending on certain items.

Bristol residents are apparently already doing this where possible, as the poll results showed they typically use just six appliances a day on average. In contrast, people living in Birmingham use 12, meaning they could save themselves some money on their energy bills and time spent cleaning appliances if they were to cut down on their usage.

Mark Kelly, the marketing manager at Appliances Direct, commented: “Appliances are there to make our lives easier and British consumers are clearly embracing that. If there’s a machine or appliance to reduce the effort we need to put in, then we’re going to take advantage of that.

“Time-poor Brits are always on the lookout for solutions to make cooking, housework and entertaining the family more efficient and advances in technology mean there are more appliances on the market to help them achieve this.”

However, with an increased number of appliances in the home comes more housework and cleaning that needs to be done. Appliances such as TVs and computers need to be dusted regularly, while ovens, microwaves and dishwashers can quickly become dirty and unhygienic if used regularly.

As a nation of people who are constantly trying to save time and reduce the level of effort they need to put into tasks, hiring a professional cleaning service could help to take this extra housework away from households, allowing them to spend more time relaxing in front of their much-loved television with a hot drink from the nation’s second favourite appliance, the kettle.

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