We hate to admit it, but a lot of us do enjoy a burger. It’s just an easy option if you cannot be bothered to cook.  However, burgers can get messy if they are loaded too much, especially with ketchup or other sauces.  Sometimes the ketchup will drip from the burger and land on your clothing, which is a nightmare for Home Cleaning London.

Our first instinct is to scrape the excess sauce off your trousers or shirt and rub at the stain with a soaked towel. Home Cleaning London will tell you that soaking the stain or running water directly over it will only push the residue deeper into the material.  The more effective way to lift the stain is to wet the back of the clothing rather than the front.

Your next step is to rub a liquid detergent into the stain then wash as normal.  Remember the quicker you act the easier it will be to remove the ketchup stain.  Tomatoes have an acidic quality to them, which causes the stubborn stains if left untreated for too long

If you have a very hectic daily schedule tt prevents you from carrying out the everyday household chores, you could always hire a cleaning agency that supplies Home Cleaning London.  Some cleaning agencies will even include washing and ironing in their home cleaning services, so you won’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes for work or going out.

Returning to a spotless home after a hard day’s work is something we all wish we could do.  With help from a friendly and dedicated cleaning agency this is now possible for a very good cleaning rate.  If you would like to book Home Cleaning London give us a call on 020 8884 9144 for a free quote.

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