Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Living in a “consumer age” no doubt has its problems.  As well as hurting our wallets, it can also make Home Cleaning rather difficult.

If every room in your house is overflowing with clutter then we have some helpful Home Cleaning tips that will restore the order and make your abode liveable again.

All you really need to organise the items in your home are three large boxes labelled Red, Yellow and Green.  Think of it like a set of traffic lights.

  • Red “Stay” is for items that you wish to keep because they are used on a regular basis, important or have sentimental value.
  • Yellow “Wait” is for items that you want to keep, but haven’t used in a year.
  • Green “Go” is for items that you haven’t used in over two years and will not use again.

Once you have sorted all your belongings into these three boxes you can start phase two of the Home Cleaning process.

Go through all the items in the red box and sort them into categories such as clothing, jewellery, books, DVDs etc.  You may have second thoughts at this stage as to whether you really do need some of these items, in which case you want to move them to the green box.  Once you have sorted every item into categories you can begin to put them neatly in their rightful place in the house.

Now move onto the yellow box.  You may have borrowed items here that need to be returned to their rightful owner at some point.  You may also have items that need fixing before they can be used, in which case you need to set yourself a deadline to fix each item.  If you cannot meet a deadline then the item has to go.

The green box is for items that you no longer need.  Sort these into three categories.

  • Throw Away
  • Recycle
  • Sell

Now that you have organised or thrown out your household possessions you will really notice a difference and find that you have a whole lot of free space in your home.

If you do not have much time to clean and tidy can always call on a cleaning company that supplies experienced and reliable home cleaners.  At a very affordable rate they
can carry out the Home Cleaning on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis, so that you are always on top of the chores and the clutter will be kept to a minimum.

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