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Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up their home? With Mother’s Day just around the corner there will be a great number of flowers being delivered to homes.  However, while these bouquets are sitting pretty in their vase something not so wonderful is going on in the water, where the stems and leaves slowly decay over time.  Here are some Home Cleaning tips on how to clean a flower vase, which will increase the longevity of the next bouquet of flowers.

When flowers have withered and you finally remove them from the vase, you will notice a lot of rotten debris floating around in the bacteria-rich water.  It is good Home Cleaning practice to disinfect the vase before using it again.

  • Throw out the dead flowers and pour the dirty water out.
  • Fill the vase part way with clean water and give it a whirl to wash out the loose bits of debris.
  • Pour hot water and washing up liquid into the vase and scrub at the bottom and sides with a brush.
  • In order to disinfect the vase, fill it with warm water a quarter of the way up, add a teaspoon of bleach and a drizzle of washing up liquid.
  • Give this formula a whirl so that the ingredients mix nicely, and let it work for ten minutes.
  • Pour the formula out and rinse with clear water.

A nice tip for making flowers last longer is to pour a cap of bleach into the water to fend off any bacteria and plop a sugar cube in the bottom of the vase.

Of course, if you do not have the time or energy to complete all your daily household chores you could always rely on a cleaning agency that provides Home Cleaning on a regular basis.

If you need a home cleaner to visit your property every day or once a week simply call us on 020 8884 9144 for a Home Cleaning quote.

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