How much housework does a typical mum do?

To say that parenting is hard work is one of the biggest understatements you could make. Even so, the findings of a new study by Crystal Ski Holidays outlining the demands on mums are still quite startling. Perhaps the most surprising result is that a typical mother is called for by their kids a staggering 9,563 times every year.

How much housework does a typical mum do?Of course, there are plenty of reasons behind the various cries of “mum” or “mummy”. Some kids might be making a polite request, while others might be actively complaining. On the other hand, maybe they’re calling out because they have been hurt or because they’re bored and want some attention.

But the figure gives some idea of the sheer number of times a mother has to drop what they might be doing and give their child the attention they either want or need. It’s even more shocking when you consider what makes up the rest of a typical mum’s day. Indeed, the research showed they do 499 loads of washing every year, as well as make the beds 514 times and getting through 239 piles of ironing.

And that’s before we mention the number of school runs they have to do – 364 a year incidentally – or the number of meals they cook (806). This still isn’t a full account of a regular mum’s day, as we’ve not mentioned the amount of time they spend tidying away toys and games, settling arguments between siblings, helping with homework and providing emotional support.

A third of all mothers would like some leisure time once in a while

House Cleaning ChoresWe really could go on for a while listing all the daily tasks in a typical mother’s life. Is it any wonder then that one in three mums admitted they would like some time to themselves once in a while? For all the joys that come with having children, the demands are greater than those that come with a full-time job, and plenty of mums will be managing this on top of their parental responsibilities.

So perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for some mothers to admit they can’t do it all themselves or at least choose not to. For instance, they could take up the option of bringing in a professional cleaning service. This could be a great way to ensure they aren’t slaving away doing the housework quite as often, and in the process, it will free up valuable time that they could spend time enjoying with their kids, rather than clearing up after them.

As a recent survey by Slumberdown revealed, a typical parent spends more than 59 full days a year doing housework. By contrast, they get to spend only 52 days a year enjoying quality time with their kids. A spokesperson for Crystal Ski Holidays said: “This research highlights the huge amount of effort that goes into being a mum. “Not only the domestic chores but being constantly at the beck and call of your children and being called upon nearly 10,000 times a year is a staggering amount.”

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  1. Simona Ciungu
    Simona Ciungu says:

    Too much lol! I think one of the problems when you have kids is that there is constant demand for your attention and things to be done. You can’t just blitz through the housework in 45 minutes and be done for the day. In another half an hour something else needs doing.


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