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Everybody desires to live in a clean home, but most people hate the prospect of cleaning up after themselves.  It is a well known stereotype that professional domestic cleaners are all foreigners that cannot speak fluent English.  Unfortunately, like most stereotypes, there is some truth behind it.

In London, there are thousands of immigrants coming from across Europe, Africa and Asia looking for better opportunities that they simply do not have in their own country.  Most live humble lives, sharing small apartments with strangers and send a lot of what they make in wages abroad to support the family they left behind.

They choose to work as domestic cleaners or commercial cleaners because it is the easiest job available when English is a second language.  When hired by domestic cleaning agencies in London, all the person needs are the appropriate documents to show that they are eligible to work in the United Kingdom and full training to meet health and safety requirements.

Once they pass the vetting stage they can get on with their work without needing to speak to the clients.  Most commercial cleaning services take part after business hours or early in the morning before the place opens, while domestic cleaning services take place while the client is at work.  Therefore, there is little need to communicate with the client.

So why then do clients demand for a cleaner that is fluent in English?

If an immigrant had a good grasp of the English language they most likely would not seek to be a domestic cleaner in the first place.  They would apply for higher paid jobs where English-speaking is essential.

Most cleaners will stick with the same cleaning agency for several years.  They take English-speaking lessons in their spare time in order to establish a relationship with their regular clients.

More often than not, the clients are very happy with the house cleaners’ hard work and dedication.  They trust the cleaners enough to provide a spare key, so that they won’t have to rely on being let into the property.

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