Top barbecue cleaning (and cooking) hacks

We’ve finally had the first few warm sunshine days of the year, and households across the UK have been dusting off their barbecues, ready for the first summer parties of the season. We don’t use the term ‘dusting off’ literally here, however. Barbecues that haven’t been used since last summer can be thick with grease, grime and bits of burnt-on food, making them something of a nightmare to clean, not to mention a health hazard. So, what is the best way to clean your barbecue ready for the summer entertaining season? Let’s take a look!

Heat helps move muck

One very handy tip is to preheat your barbecue before starting to tackle all of that charred grease. Heat will help to loosen the grime, making it easier to clean – just be careful of the temperature, as you don’t want to burn yourself while you’re cleaning! Then, once the grill is clean, you’ll be able to start cooking straight away. Just remember to make sure you’ve removed absolutely all of the dirt before placing burgers or sausages on the barbie, as it can be really easy to give yourself or your guests food poisoning if you’re not being mindful of hygiene best practice.

What to use to clean your barbecue

Bbq Cleaning TipsUsing strong chemical-based cleaning products to clean a barbecue isn’t necessarily the best idea, as there is a chance that some of the substance could end up on your food, making you ill. Instead, it’s better to use household ingredients, such as bicarbonate of soda, which is a naturally abrasive product, meaning it’s brilliant at getting grease and grime unstuck, even when it’s been there for a long time. Some people swear by using half an onion to clean their barbecue grill too. Simply slice the vegetable in half, warming it a little as you preheat the barbecue, then rub it along the dirt you’re trying to remove, and its natural acidity should help to move it along. Just make sure to dispose of the onion away from the rest of the food you’re planning to cook afterwards – you don’t want it to end up threaded onto someone’s kebab by mistake!

Using vegetable oil mixed with water in place of washing-up liquid is another barbecue cleaning hack to try, allowing you to get rid of tough dirt without covering your appliance in potentially harmful chemicals. Don’t forget about the rest of your outdoor space either when getting ready for your barbecue. Speak to our team about our patio cleaning service to make sure your garden looks clean enough to eat your burger off.

Make it a barbecue to remember

Domestic Cleaning TipsImpress your barbecue guests with some seriously tasty grub that isn’t just the usual sausages, burgers, processed white rolls and tomato ketchup. Colourful kebabs made from chunks of chopped vegetables like peppers, courgettes and red onion are lovely when grilled on the barbie. Add some halloumi too, as it will go beautifully crisp on the outside, but keep its gorgeous cheesy centre, keeping your vegetarian guests happy.

If you’re planning to stick with the classics, make sure you’re putting some effort into your sides to make your barbecue stand out from everyone else’s this year. Make your own salsa or homemade coleslaw, serve up pitta breads instead of the usual rolls and take the time to prepare tasty pasta or couscous salads that everyone can help themselves from.

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